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That Time When

Although largely known for the unrelenting, industrial warehouse stompers of his Pennyroyal or Bedouin releases, the work of Jesse Kuyé aka J.Tijn has a deal more nuances when you delve slightly deeper. His contributions to WNCL Recordings for example have utilised a lighter touch.

His most recent EP for the label, ‘Half Empty Half Full’, covers everything from the low-slung, Workshop indebted drum-machine excursions of ‘Fat Controller’ to the peak-time chaos of ‘Malaria’. And then there’s the title track, (abbreviated to ‘Hehf’) placing blissfully warm, crunching house tones atop Kuyé’s thickset 4/4 grooves. Both this and his previous contribution to the imprint, ‘Flat’, present a much wider spectrum of dancefloor pursuits than you might have come to expect from undeniably effective dancefloor bombs such as ‘Squirtle Squad’ or ‘Nuke’, while still maintaining Kuyé’s signature, amp-driven tonal palette.

For the latest in our That Time When series, we invited Kuyé to tell us about five of his most memorable gigging experiences, from introducing his Sister to Techno at Amsterdam’s H7 Warehouse, to Buckfast fueled rampages at London’s Corsica Studios.

1 – Intercell at H7 Warehouse - Amsterdam_2015


This was a sick night in general but what made it especially wicked for me was the fact that my younger sister had come from London for the weekend and got to see her first Techno night. She’s heard techno around the house and stuff from early but I never imagined she’d enjoy it as much as she did. Weed helped…

2 Plex/BleeD/Them at Corsica Studios - London_2014


This was a historic one, they were serving glasses of Buckfast so it was always due to end in carnage. Never seen so many pissed up DJs running around one venue to be honest. It’s a total blank to me but I’ve heard I was rendered unable to continue midway through my set and one of the promoters had to take over. Mad.

3 Beukplaten at ITW Loods - Amsterdam_2014


‘Dam again. I’m pretty sure this was the first time JoeFarr and I actually met in the flesh, despite having a song already out by that time. The energy for the whole night was unbelievable and by the end of our set we had folk dancing on top of the speaker boxes! There’s a video somewhere that I wish I could find.

4 Blackest Ever Black at Basing House - London_2011


This was like the second or third techno night I ever went to, I’d spent the previous few days binge listening to recordings of British Murder Boys sets and when I saw the line-up (Raime, Regis, Cut Hands, Surgeon, BMB) I knew I had to just mission it on my own. It didn’t disappoint, I reckon it was the first time I properly allowed myself to get totally involved in the music with no social obligations at all. A huge bonus was seeing Cut Hands for the first time as well. It was around the time he was doing the Afro Noise stuff live - a proper mind-warper.

5 Ruptured at Corsica Studios - London_2010


I can’t remember exactly when this was but it was the first and only time I’ve seen Equinox (Scientific Wax) play. If you’ve seen him you understand but if you haven’t you need to. The dude is on fire, he gets so involved as well. An inspiration to any DJ who stands up there looking all shy!

  • Published
  • May 15, 2016