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Luke Slater

Having begun his career in the early 1990s releasing both under his own name and under monikers such as Planetary Assault Systems and L.B Dub Corp, Luke Slater is a name that holds some serious sway in the UK techno scene. Having released on labels such as Ostgut Ton, Figure and Novamute, Slater also runs the stellar Mote-Evolver imprint, a label which our regular readers will probably be more than familiar with. 

With an appearance at Fabric due on the 13th alongside Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Lucy, we were given the opportunity to have a brief chat with Mr. Slater about his upcoming gig, what makes a good remix, and how to remain relevant after over twenty years of producing and DJing. 

We’re big fans of your Mote-Evolver imprint here at Stray Landings - what can we expect next from the label?

Thanks guys, good to hear. We just released the Developer & Truncate 4th Parallel Series and we’ve planned some more 12” from P.A.S. as well as other artists till the rest of the year.

Your discography of remixes is pretty impressive - what is it that makes a good remix in your opinion?

From my perspective as a musician and DJ a remix should have some kind of element that is you, yet keep the main idea of the original track. That being said I’ve always found remixes relatively hard to do or to get right. They either take weeks or a few hours and i usually spend weeks thinking about it then any good result comes in a few hours of work.

You’re playing at Fabric on the 13th alongside Lucy & Terry Francis, what is it you aim for when playing out, and to what extent does the venue/lineup affect your performance?

Yes looking forward to heading back to Room 2 as always, on the latter question I think there are a lot of variables that can influence everything on any night but the vibe should be all encompassing and with Lucy and Terry there will be a high quality of music to go with those vibes!

Finally, as a producer having been at the forefront of Techno for 20+ years, what do you think is the key to staying relevant?

Stick to the music. It always wins out when all’s said and done if it’s good, whether it’s 1993 or 2013!

Catch Luke Slater performing alongside Lucy & Terry Francis in fabric’s room two in the 13th July

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  • Jul 10, 2013
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