Debut Solo Record AnnouncementMinais B

Debut Solo Record Announcement

Earlier this year, Posh Isolation released The Water We Drink, the debut record from Danish trio, Khalil. The trio caused a splash earlier in the year for their effective fusion of Nikolaj Vonsild’s auto-tuned vocals and experimental sound collage, particularly on the album’s lead single, ‘Rest My Head Against A Wall of Water’. Like much music in the world of Posh Isolation and co, releases have a staggering turn around. Just two months since The Water We Drink, nascent imprint Petrola 80 have announced an EP from one of Khalil’s less known members, Villads Klint.

Under the moniker ‘Minais B’, Villads Klint has written a free-form experiment in time-warped samples and sci-fi synthesisers. The piece reels around like an LED advertising billboard, with a dazzling display of special effects and studio trickery. Over the top, an instructional voice repeats a cryptic mantra. The voice, like some kind of benevolent self-service machine who has become a bit too friendly, talks to me of pursed lips, moist tongues and bubbles of saliva. I don’t know if I’m being sold something, or warned of impending danger. Either way, I’m listening.

As The River At Its Source will be out as a 12” vinyl and digital download from October 21st, 2017 on Petrola 80.

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  • Oct 13, 2017