MolotonDebut Vinyl Batch Released


Nev Lilit

The newly formed Moloton imprint recently announced their debut vinyl batch, scheduled for release later this month. The label have a growing catalogue of warbled-cassette ambience, which piqued our interest in March with the release of Atonet’s eery Ido.

This month will see two parallel releases: Vilar i dina spår from Sonja Tofik & Marlena Lampinen and Adorable Ruin from Nev Lilit. The former is a repress of material previously released on cassette, but as Moloton explain, popularity for this album encouraged them to remaster and repress the material to 200 vinyls.

Vilar i dina spår compounds a style that Moloton have already begun exploring, turning electronic synthesis into something more tactile and material. Just listen to the warm enclosure of ‘I din famn, äntligen fri’ (meaning ‘In your arms, at last, free’) below. Adorable Ruin by contrast is more distant, presenting two free-form soundscapes that are dank, cold and cavernous.

Vilar i dina spår and Adorable Ruin will be released together on May 25th with Moloton, pre-order here.

  • Published
  • May 21, 2018