Spring Schedule RevealedMusic Hackspace

Spring Schedule Revealed

May TidalCycles Meetup with Blue Maignien. Photo Credit: Sixtysevencollective

Music Hackspace at Somerset House Studios have announced their schedule for the coming months this year. The project has long incorporated experimental approaches to music and technology, with ongoing workshops, meetups, artist talks and performances. Their approach frequently straddles instrument design (synth building, circuit customisation) and contemporary coding software (TidalCycles, Supercollider), with an emphasis on open-source technology.

This summer, Music Hackspace will present a diverse range of events, including an exciting new project entitled Scramble Everything with artist-in-residence, Ewa Justka. Scramble Everything will host a daytime workshop on synth building with Justka and EVOL, followed by a party with music from Justka, EVOL, Shelley Parker, and Dale Cornish. Befaco and Casper Electronics will also be offering courses on synth building, and Johann Diedrick will be showing off a new DIY sampler.

There is also a series of workshops around music software, including a 3-part SuperCollider series from Joanne Armitage. They will also continue their monthly TidalCycles meetups, with two-months specifically for women and non binary people only, hosted by Blue Maignien, Hazel Ryan and Lucy Cheesman.

More information can be found here.

  • Published
  • Apr 18, 2018