PremiereAn Gella 'OT VII' video


Danish artist Aske Zidore has a rich and varied history. He has worked alongside Dean Blunt, played in dreamland synth-pop band ‘Gooms’, and developed a ‘choir machine’ for Denmark’s Ribe Cathedral. Earlier this year, he released his first solo album under the pseudonym ‘An Gella’, entitled Perma.

The LP is a stunningly unrestricted amalgamation of different tonalities; fragmented and then reassembled with true craftsmanship. There’s not many releases you’ll find Spanish guitar noodlings, choral ambience and a glitched out abstraction of the ‘before the drop’ sample from ‘RIP Groove’ all within a few tracks of one another.

On paper it all sounds rather chaotic, yet Zidore has managed to piece together a beautifully interwoven release which plays out like the soundtrack to a dystopian sci-fi. Indeed, it recently accompanied me on a late-night wander through London’s favourite financial toy town, Canary Wharf, and I can think of no better accompaniment to the imposing glass towers and deserted streets than Zidore’s eery synthetic experiments and warped instrumentation.

So now you have some background, I guess you’re probably wondering what er, the inside of Zidore’s brain looks like? Well, good news! You can find out below, in this exclusive stream of the video for ‘OT VII’:

  • Published
  • Dec 27, 2017
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