Andrea Taeggi on Präsens EditionenAndrea Taeggi on Präsens Editionen

Andrea Taeggi on Präsens Editionen

Photo by Luca Caciagli

Präsens Editionen present Noméri – Tere, the latest release from Lumisokea’s Andrea Taeggi (aka Gondwana). This latest release is the culmination of a six-months period of research. Including residencies (at EMS Stockholm among others), recordings and composition carried out throughout 2017. The word ‘research’ is apt here because Taeggi, and Lumisokea’s work more broadly with Koenraad Ecker, takes an holistic approach to sound. Their pieces are almost like essays on the metaphysics of music, exploring the possibilities of electronic and acoustic sound design.

When we spoke to Taeggi last year, we talked about his fascination with tunings, and specifically La Monte Young’s The Well-Tuned Piano. “His [La Monte Young’s] ability”, Taeggi told us, “to make complex music from simple elements, which sound special in and of themselves, is something which inspired in me a general fascination with minimalism.” This new release seems to tap into this idea, toying with synths that sound ever so slightly bent out of shape. There are also some exuberant polyrhythms on this record, as well as the extraordinary production trickery that one would expect.

In an exclusive for Stray Landings, stream one track from the forthcoming record below, due for release on April 19th.

  • Published
  • Apr 03, 2018