PremiereDee Grinski and Tolga Baklacıoğlu on VENT


Turkish vinyl-only label Vent have always inhabited the darker end of the electronic music spectrum. Their latest release however, the Your Secret Face LP by Vent founder Tolga Baklacıoğlu and vocalist Dee Grinski, delves into realms of unyielding nihilism and misanthropy.

Your Secret Face is an album dispatched from crumbling power station cooling towers; each sound is caked with concrete, shrouded in a mesh of whirring mechanical sounds. It calls to mind acts like Puce Mary or Pan Daijing, not least for its tenacious vocal outcries. Although recording more straightforward new wave pop under her own name, Moscow-based artist Grinski has plenty of experience taking more unorthodox approaches as one half of Russian doom/noise poetry outfit Manunkind.

With the release due out on April 23, Vent have kindly offered up a stream of ‘Hissiyat’; a brittle, corroded piece of metallic abrasion. Grinski’s vocals are plunged into a pool of tight-knit reverberations, mournful chants and incantations growing in vigour alongside Baklacıoğlu’s frenzied percussion and bunker-dwelling dronescapes.

Stream ‘Hissiyat’ below, and head over to the Vent Facebook for more details on the release.

  • Published
  • Mar 29, 2018