Premiere Petit Singe on Stoscha


Photo by Riccardo Fantoni

“Klink! - an onomatopoetic word in Swedish that describes the sound of two metallic objects hitting each other, or the sound of a knife that strikes a glass to get the attention at a dinner party”. For me, these two contexts represent very different meanings. The crash of two metallic objects is a harsh, violent noise, like the collision of two swords. This is the ‘klink!’ that the German industrialists Einstürzende Neubauten employed: a vicious, aggressive, mean sound. But tapping a glass at a dinner party before a speech is wholly different. It’s a polite and dainty sound, made to quieten the room and calm the rabble.

The latest compilation from Swedish imprint Stoscha falls somewhere between these two environments. Over six compiled pieces, the release manages to be both angry and accommodating. Take the opening piece from Petit Singe: a cacophonous piece that breaks and bursts like a building collapsing under its own weight. But at the same time, Stotscha do not take themselves too seriously. On ‘Noordwal (lIl Lyfe)’, a dance instructor guides the listener with aerobic stretches: “stomach in, buttocks tight and… breath”.

Following the release of their highly conceptual ‘rip ME’ project, fans of this new label will be excited to see Petit Singe and Air Max ‘97 joining the roster. The compilation closes with a 10-minute clip exploring the sound of sex toys vibrating against each other in the appropriately titled, ‘Five Vibration Intensities and Five Vibration Rhythms Give Diverse Pleasures’. If Neubauten ever soundtracked a porno, it might sound something like that.

The full compilation is available on July 25th, but you can listen to Petit Singe’s epic opener below:

  • Published
  • Jul 18, 2017