PremiereSimon Haydo on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion


Peder Mannerfelt Produktion has been a label providing endless intrigue over the past few years. As well as championing early releases from the likes of Machine Woman, Klara Lewis and Sissel Vincent, the imprint has conducted itself with quiet, understated confidence. So much so, a number of its offerings have passed me by on their first dispatch, yet the quality of work has drawn me to them at some point or another as if it was somewhat inescapable.

To account for my these past sins, this time we are able to bring you advanced news of the label’s latest dispatch. The Illusion of an Alternative Choice comes from Stockholm-based Simon Haydo, composed exclusively using a Korg MS-20. At times jaunty and unkempt, at others mechanically precise, the album fizzes and bumps across fourty minutes of bristly modular abstractions and oddball minimalist entanglements. “Maximising the use of less” is the aim as Haydo puts it; a technique he also deloyed on 2017’s Redux.

With The Illusion of an Alternative Choice set for release on January 26th, Haydo has kindly offered up an advance cut from the album. Stream furtive 4/4 roller, ‘Not For You?’, below:

  • Published
  • Jan 23, 2018