Takeover at SäuleSubtext

Takeover at Säule

The Berlin & Bristol-based label, Subtext, are due to showcase their roster at the new Säule room next month. Over the past 12 months, Subtext have presented an impressive flurry of full-length releases. We saw Ellen Arkbro’s bold and courageous composition, For Organ & Brass, which will no doubt be topping many of those end-of-year lists in December. We also had FIS & Rob Thorne with Clear Stones, a record that was criminally overlooked at the time of release, but to my mind remains FIS’ most original work. Then, a new album from Cevdet Erek, which explored a novel technique to play and record a traditional Turkish drum. And this month we had Compound, the unsettling new LP from jazz-experimentalist, Yair Elazar Glotman. For me, these four records cement Subtext as one of, if not the most interesting record label of 2017 so far.

Their showcase presents all the artists mentioned above, as well as sets from Roly Porter and Emptyset. This will be at Berghain’s exciting new ‘Säule’ venue, a room dedicated to platforming the more esoteric side of electronic music. Expect noise, drone, glitch and more besides. The opening of this venue was a good move. Berghain was getting dangerously close to being historically pigeon-holed as a techno venue and nothing more. But at last, Berghain has decided to awaken from its dogmatic slumbers and catch up with the present.

The Subtext showcase will be held on 9th November, 2017. Find out more here.

  • Published
  • Oct 30, 2017