XKatedral Announce Cassette TrilogyDufwa, Golden Offence Orchestra, Isak Edberg

XKatedral Announce Cassette Trilogy

Swedish imprint XKatedral have released a new trilogy of cassettes, featuring work from Dufwa, Golden Offence Orchestra and Isak Edberg. The first in the trilogy sees Maria W Horn and Mats Erlandsson together under a new project, entitled ‘Dufwa’. For their debut release under this name, Horn and Erlandsson take microscopic field-recordings from the Spanish countryside, and project them onto a rich terrain of subs, drones and digital processing. The effect is like crawling through mud amid fetid vegetation and creepy crawlies.

Next, a live recording from Golden Offence Orchestra of Pauline Oliveros’ legendary piece, “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe In Recognition of Their Desperation”. The original piece from 1970 has been performed by many configurations, from a 14-piece ensemble at its 1970 premier at Hope College, to the 1977 Wesleyan University recording by a 43-piece orchestra. This performance sees Ellen Arkbro, Isak Edberg, Mats Erlandsson and Kali Malone among others in their own chilling rendition. In light of Oliveros’ sad passing late last year, this is an important piece to return to.

Finally, Ondulations: a celestial chord-cycle of organ tones from Isak Edberg. Although contained to sixty minutes, the piece reaches for the cosmic infinite. Bringing to mind La Monte Young’s ambitious aim: “If listeners ain’t carried away to heaven, I’m failing…”. You can all stream all three cassettes over at the XKatedral Bandcamp. XKatedral have also just released Velocity of Sleep, the new LP from Kali Malone, concluding a ludicrously productive August for the label.

  • Published
  • Aug 30, 2017