2017: The Year in MusicChloe Frieda & Jo Kali on Resonance FM

2017: The Year in Music

2017 has been another year of political turbulence, social degradation and economic turmoil. This doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. Optimism can seem foolhardy, London’s community can feel like a forgotten dream, and the financial prospects of musicians and artists at large seem to get bleaker by the month. Yet once again we find ourselves overwhelmed by the endless streams of dynamic and inventive new music from all around.

These days it sometimes feels like each person flicking through records in a store or queueing to have their wristband fitted at a festival has their own place in the scene, by virtue of making music themselves, running a night, blog or related project. Rather than rolling our eyes in that “everyone’s a pundit” kind of way, it’s worth considering the transformative effects this widespread involvement can have, and is already having in the world of electronic music. We are seeing a democratisation of DIY labels, bolstered by the support of DIY festivals, blogs, radio shows and more. If you want to read more about our thoughts on the year, please over here for a wider discussion.

In this special 2-hour Christmas special of the show, we spoke to Chloe Frieda and Jo Kali about the year in music: its releases, labels the events. Listen below.


Akzidenz // Legacy Support
Wilted Woman // Heating Problem
Laurel Halo // Moontalk
A.O.T // Dans Kring Granen
Pauline Anna Strom // Mushroom Trip
xin // Body Parts And Organs That Humans Do Not Need
LYZZA // Bad Habits
Ellen Arkbro // For Organ & Brass
Sebastian Camens // Tan Object 3
Jesse Osbourne Lanthier // Lick and a Promise
MHYSA // You Not About That Lyfe
Petit Singe // Bengala Raciti
FIS & Rob Thorne // Wooden Lung
Machine Woman // Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved
V/Vm // A White Christmas

  • Published
  • Dec 29, 2017