The End of Objects?Stray Landings debuts on Resonance FM

The End of Objects?

On April 27 we had our debut show on South London’s Resonance FM, which will be repeated on the last Thursday of every month. We will be choosing a topic for discussion on each show, this month looking at physical formats.

While discussions about the merits of vinyl and the short-fallings of digital are well trodden, the question of format is nonetheless central to how we think about music. It can often seem as if digital is here for good and will eventually replace every aspect of “physical” music production, distribution and consumption. Yet despite the seeming monopoly of digital, there are producers at the peripheries of music have continued to explore format as an artist device: from hip hop releases on VHS to Alva Noto’s butchering of vinyls. To discuss these ideas and more, we were joined by Bob Bhamra of WNCL Recordings, and Nicole Mckenzie, former buyer at Sounds of the Universe and owner of MIC Records.

Listen via our Soundcloud below, and join us on May 25 on Resonance 104.4FM for the next edition.

  • Published
  • Apr 29, 2017