VENT004Tolga Baklacioglu & Arbiter


Label: Vent
Format: 12”
Release Date: 02/10/2014

Istanbul based label Vent’s manifesto is a simple one; to provide raw dancefloor-functional techno with the bullshit cut out. With appearances from the likes of DJ Skirt and Miss Sunshine, Vent seem to be taking their mission statement rather seriously, featuring only those artists with a history of delivering heavy duty, early-hours techno weapons. The fourth instalment continues in much the same vein, seeing the union of two previous contributors to Vent’s discography - Tolga Baklacioglu & Ingemar Stalholm, aka Arbiter.

The EP hangs right on the fringe of conventionality; Baklacioglu’s unhinged rhythms pounding through a mess of jarring analogue bleeps and squelches across opener ‘Resuscitation’. His second offering, ’Startling Neuromancy’, is considerably more downcast, calling to mind Sawlin & Subjected’s collaboration for Electric Deluxe. A rugged 4/4 stomp hammers its way unremittingly through a clutter of gurgling electronics and shudder-inducing drones.

Stalholm’s contribution’s follow a comparatively more subdued trail, ‘Serenity Now’ centred around discordant atmospheres nagging against the twitching lo-fi drums which stagger across the track’s duration. Given it’s steady, muscular pulse, closing track ‘Ziggurat’ is nimble and light-footed in contrast. Twisting grooves are warped and mutated as they slink between Stalholm’s thickset percussion, grating sound-design occasionally threatening to disrupt them entirely.

Vent’s fourth release maintains the succession of rough-edged warehouse techno with an impressively high level of consistency, the interplay between Baklacioglu and Stalholm’s signatures making a fitting balance across the two sides of the release.

  • Published
  • Nov 27, 2014
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