Label: Tanum
Format: 12”
Release Date: 15/12/2014

In both musical style and social presence, Klaus keeps out of the limelight. Despite collaborating with the now ludicrously famous James Blake at their seminal 1800-Dinosaur nights, Klaus has never appeared to ride on Blake’s wave of fame. To do so, I think, would be out of character, or at least at odds with his disposition. Where Blake expands his sound to almost unbearable sizes, Klaus keeps things on the short and narrow with barely audible static and subtle shifts in mood.

What I think is most impressive in Klaus’ work is his ability to generate aching tension using only a handful of delicate elements, and if his early work was considered sparse, then this latest EP is skeletal in the extreme. His trademark use of static here creates windy, cold sounding music, and the broken beats invoke a purposefully nostalgic rumination on dubstep. Take the opening ‘Delta’ for instance, with its sorrowfully sparse layout out or personal highlight ‘Luc’ with its warbling underbelly of sub. None of these tracks dramatically progress in any one direction, nor do they need to. Instead, they are simply ‘there’, present and unmoving, like the scenery of a film.

Klaus’ meticulous approach to releases is also beautiful in its simplicity. Speaking to him earlier last year about his own imprint, he addressed the ethos of the label; “the basic idea is to put out 12”, 45rpm records, you know, no bullshit, no art, cut as wide as possible.” This ‘no bullshit’ spirit makes every release feel unique, and his latest record is no less special.

  • Published
  • Dec 14, 2014
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