Included in our very first Stray Landings podcast, Caked is very highly placed in our soundcloud favourites. Sitting between that something garage, something ambient area of the scene, its hard to tell whether Caked is suited towards soaking up the vibes in your room or pounding out of a club system. The answer is probably that it is equally suited to both, fusing excellent musicianship with superb dancefloor production.

Produced by 20 year old Benson Herbert, aka ‘Buzzlin’, Caked makes use of some wonderful vocal sampling. Although the samples have been heavily manipulated, they still manage to sit in completely naturally with the beautifully placed rolling mallets and ambient pads.

Buzzlin has been producing for around two years, and is currently working on a new project called ‘Voyeur’ with production partner ‘Slim Pickings’. You can check out a track born from the Voyeur project on Buzzlin’s soundcloud titled ‘Morphment’. Those of you in the Leeds area are also well advised to keep your diaries clear on the 25th November to catch Buzzlin alongside Arkist & Fantastic Mr Fox at the Absent Minds Night at Mint Club.

  • Published
  • Nov 01, 2011
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