Heartbroken [Aubyn Refix]T2 ft. Jodie

Heartbroken [Aubyn Refix]

Released in 2007, T2’s ‘Heartbroken’ firmly stamped the garage genre as an integral part of British popular music, when it peaked at no.2 in the charts. There are plenty of remixes of this pivotal garage classic out there, however it is rarely taken to so different and special a place, whilst also being instantly recognizable. Aubyn effortlessly pays homage to ‘heartbroken’ retaining those ever memorable vocal cuts but reharmonizing the track with beautiful contemplative guitar plucks.

Burrowing underneath these elements, a warbling bassline bubbles beneath the surface building up texture. Working alongside this nervous gittering percussion stumbles through the intro, slowly building up confidence as the track progresses. Whilst the original track was undoubtedly made for the dancefloor, Aubyn takes the tune to a completely different place, conjuring up images of reflective evenings in hazy, smoke filled rooms.

Kane Aris aka Aubyn is a Brighton based producer, who has previously circulated the band scene successfully with his outfit Groucho. Over the last year or so however he has been developing his own solo sound as an electronic artist, blending excellent live musicianship with engaging electronic production. Having played the wonderful Aka Aka Roar night, and our own Stray Landings event Aubyn is also a more than competent DJ.

  • Published
  • Nov 15, 2011
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