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Lucky Woman

Exposed to me by Stephen Jarvis (author of our last podcast) ‘Phanes’ ‘Lucky Woman’ is perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting tracks I’ve heard in the last six months. Taking a no holds barred approach to production, the breathtaking drop in the latter half of the tune is like having a bucket of cold water thrown over your head, as any lapse in concentration means missing the sublime fragmented samples, which jump in and out so quickly your never sure if you heard them or not. This is given significantly larger impact by its contrast with the opening two minutes. This builds up at a timid pace, via woozy jazz chords and sparse percussion, making the drop the much more welcome after the extended anticipation.

After being used in Jamie XX’s essential mix for Radio One, Lucky Woman became a stand out track from this mix, capturing the imagination of the blog circuit and getting people asking ‘who is Phanes?’ Named George Siorvanes on soundcloud, the mysterious London based producer cites early Jazz as a distinct influence on himself, name dropping the likes of Charles Mingus & Charlie Parker amongst his listening roster.

Whilst it remains unclear whether the London based producer already has label association, this daringly forward thinking composition makes it certain that if he doesn’t currently he definitely will in the very near future.

  • Published
  • Nov 18, 2011
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