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Rain Radio

Accurately classified ‘Soulstep’ on Egoless’s soundcloud, Rain Radio creates a hazy contemplative soundscape caked in airy atmospheres & lo-fi sounds. The track features a variety of Tim Hecker-esque resampled pianos & timidly sparse brass samples show Egoless is just as comfortable working with ambient textures as he is working with dub and club sounds.

Rain Radio also features an enduring bassline which throbs its way throughout the track defining the rhythm, and subtly adding texture to the hesitant piano chords and hypnotic flylo-esque hand claps. Taking an overtly minimalist approach Egoless leaves his percussion completely stripped, rationing you with one kick and one snare per bar. This puts special emphasis on the timbre’s and sounds he does select immersing the listener even further into the depths of the finely honed sound world created by Egoless.

From the distant lands of Zagreb in Croatia, Egoless is set to have his very first 12” vinyl release on the ‘Lo Dubs’ Label in January 2012, with his tune ‘Rainbow Dub’. As well as this Egoless has a remix coming out very shortly on ‘F4T Music’, for a ‘Substep Infrabass’ remix album.

  • Published
  • Nov 21, 2011
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