A couple of months ago the rapidly developing French label ‘B.YRSLF Division’, released their ‘Vybes Galore’ compilation, showcasing some of the best underground bass music floating around the interwebs. Despite the incredibly high caliber of this compilation, ‘Coolant’ by young up-and-comer Pedro123 stood out especially for me, epitomizing his incredibly unique production style. A style that’s also being shown support everywhere from the ‘Butterz’ label to ‘Boilerroom’.

Rhythmically ‘Coolant’ is driven forward by 808 style kick drums and chanted vocal samples, not dissimilar to those used by Tanka in his track Quicksand which we reviewed earlier this month. These are accompanied by some wonderfully placed clicks and snaps taking the place of a conventional snare drum. Pedro123 keeps the experimentation rolling with his synth work, layering his sounds with metallic brushing samples adding that extra pinch of difference.

Created earlier this year, the 17 year old South East London producer has a debut EP in the works which will be forthcoming on B.YRSLF Division. Alongside this he is working on a new project with a vocalist expected to be ready in the new year, and continuing his live appearances - the next being in Liege, Belgium.

  • Published
  • Nov 28, 2011
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