Bruises presents a selection of unlikely selection of samples, chopped, screwed and moulded into something truly atmospheric and wonderful. Sitting midway between ambient and some kind of industrial lofi techno, ‘Whistle’ introduces itself with floating atmospheric chords, before a bewilderingly heavy drop, stuffed with deep muddy kick drums and stifled vocal samples. Bruises cuts out most of the high frequencies for this tune, giving that ‘outside of the club atmosphere’ usually associated with ‘Burial’ or at the other end of the spectrum, Techno mavericks such as Monolake or Shackleton.

Whilst ‘Whistle’ is very much beat driven music, Bruises also makes significicant use of his sample manipulation, bringing to mind the likes of ‘Tim Hecker’ or ‘Oneohtrix Point Never’. Bruises used a staggeringly large proportion of his own drum samples for this tune, making use of household percussion including glasses, keys and even banging against doors and walls.

Real name Robinson Hearn, Bruises has recently had his debut release on the fast growing ‘Infinite Machine’ label, with his wonky dance EP ‘Introduce Me To Your Friends’. The 19 year old Coventry based producer is continuing to refine his sound and uncompromising blend of influences, ranging from Debussy, and Erik Satie, to current sounds propogated by labels such as  Hyperdub or Ninjatune.

  • Published
  • Dec 05, 2011