Miami based house label PetFood, provides us with this soulful blend of funky house - courtesy of Taylor Freels aka. ‘Urulu’ for its 18th release. As the title track of Urulu’s EP, ‘Goodbye’s’ manages to wonderfully capture a lost era of classic 90’s house, with a twist of funky garage influence. Perhaps further inspiration from the retro-house sound, Goodbye’s features some exceptionally deep textured synths, vaguey reminiscent of ‘Fourth Wave’ star ‘Gerry Read’, or the work of minimal house wizard Jan Jelinek. Ingratiating itself nearly straight away, Urulu’s infectious synth line slowly burrows its way into your consciousness, leaving you truly hooked for the monumental build up mid way through the tune. This trick is similarly played out via Urulu’s soulful vocal slices, a signature of Urulu’s distinctive brand of retro-house.

The 20 year old L.A based producer and writer at ‘Rebel Magazine’ is also keeping up DJing appearances, with upcoming shows from Santa Monica, to Hollywood and even New Zealand. Urulu has also more recently captured the imaginations of super blog XLR8 with an EP of Untitled works available here for free, so make sure to grab yourself a copy.

  • Published
  • Dec 06, 2011
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