Toe MarmaladeTarquin

Toe Marmalade

Tarquin presents a disorientating formulation of avante-garde sounds fused together to create this airy jazz masterpiece. ‘Toe Marmalade’ jolts through areas of daringly bare minimalism, showing off clear jazz mastery in all its rawness. The extremely advanced musicianship is perhaps to be expected however, as 19 year old Dave Parsons aka ‘Tarquin’ has been playing piano since the age of 10, and guitar since 13. Stripped down areas are juxtaposed with explosively full drops, where previously isolated sections are brought together as a harmonious whole. Dragged forward by stumbling bedroom recorded kicks and snares the track tests its groove right to the limit, constantly on the verge of tripping over itself.

With nods towards hip-hop, minimal, dubstep and garage, its surprisingly hard to pin ‘Toe Marmalade’ down to a specific genre when so many influences are fused yet remain so faithful. Looking towards James Blake, Burial, C.R.S.T & LV for inpiration,  Parsons is looking to finish his debut EP as a promotional piece over the next few months, so eyes peeled for that. As well as this he will be releasing a tune entitled ‘Finger Pickle’ on our upcoming Stray Landings Compilation.

  • Published
  • Dec 16, 2011
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