4th Street Jam [Alex Coulton Remix]Szare

4th Street Jam [Alex Coulton Remix]

Szare’s previous take on techno [Action 5/Volya – Idle Hands] was a very different affair. His use of layers of wispy synths drew attention away from the beat and towards a wider atmosphere. 4th Street Jam however takes a more traditional approach, leaving us with much less of Szare’s amazing experimentation. Luckily ‘Alex Coulton’ has delivered this phenomenal remix, stripping the beat back and adding some wispy synths of his own. Coulton’s re-work adds some much-needed context, and pays a nice homage to the Szare’s sound from earlier this year.

Coulton’s remix seems to be looking towards the legendary Berlin techno scene, to the extent that it wouldn’t sound out of place on an ‘Ostgut Ton’ Record. This track may not be looking to tear up any dance floors, yet it provides enough bass weight to be a welcome addition to any athletic 7 hour Berghain set.

Having produced for around 3 years, the Manchester based producer also cites detroit house & early dubstep amongst his influences. A little surprisingly perhaps, Coulton also cites ambient music as a large component of his listening library, namedropping the likes of ‘The Caretaker’ and creator of ‘The Disintegration Loops’ - William Basinski. With a selection of upcoming releases in the works, you can expect to hear the name Alex Coulton a lot more through the coming year.

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  • Dec 18, 2011
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