Although I’m actually sitting in a cold room at the dawn of January, its fairly easy to imagine lounging in the summer heat when listening to ‘Discorolla’ by Skips. An attractive combination of infectious meandering house beats and funky acid basslines lay this one down for a summer classic. ‘Discorolla’ also features some gorgeously smooth textured organ stabs, rolling underneath some gorgeously soothing soulful vocal slices.

Outside creating fresh rhythms Skips is 25 year old Leeds residing Martyn Woolley. Alongside refining his own tunes Woolley is hoping to work on some new productions with friend and fellow producer ‘James Welsh’, who is set for a new release on ‘Losing Suki’ next month.

Perhaps most comfortably sitting in the ‘Microhouse’ genre ‘Discorolla fills an interestingly unexploited gap in the evolution of the current UK dance scene. Whilst various formulations of house music continues to grow in the UK scene probably most notably Techno, Microhouse appears to have been missed at some point. Let’s hope artists such as Skips continue to fill the void.

  • Published
  • Jan 17, 2012
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