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This Way Down

Apologies to anyone getting sick of all this Techno we’re posting at the moment, there’s just too much good stuff about at the moment. My most recent finding ‘This Way Down’ by London based artist ‘Thefft’ experiments with Aphex style glitches, pitched vocals and some tastefully abrasive percussion. The majority of Thefft’s tracks might be loosely termed ‘Dub-Techno’, ‘This Way Down’ in particular being reminiscent of something Actress might produce, if he actually wanted to make something you could dance too. Percussively the track builds up slowly, distorted hat shuffles building underneath brooding, paranoid Dub-Techno chords. These slowly shake off atmospheric reverb in the opening section of the track before fully asserting themselves for the drop around thirty seconds in.

Like Paleman, 19 year old Jack Robertson has forthcoming material with ‘Fulcrum Records’ (along with a release planned with ‘Embassy Recordings’). With a hotbed of young artists emerging on Fulcrum, as well as Damu himself, we can expect big things from the new label over this year. Thefft has only uploaded a short two minute clip of ‘This Way Down’, although from what we make of it it should be more than enough get you interested in this artist’s unique take on a crowded scene.

  • Published
  • Feb 28, 2012
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