Taking influence from various strains of House music, Kahwe has been carving out his own distinctly organic take on the genre. Yew places Shlohmo-reminiscent percussion & ambience into the context of something like Deep House, fusing a beautiful array of delicate clicks, ticks & whispered voices into something highly atmospheric. Whilst the opening 30 seconds of oddball percussion may make you wonder where the track is headed we can promise its worth the wait. Reorganizing itself alongside timid sine wave chords, Kahwe’s gritty percussion develops an ever so slightly off beat 4/4 rhythm. In a scene where 70% of tunes sample the same Brandy or Aaliyah acapella its refreshing to see someone use vocals tastefully, letting them support the track rather than dictate it.

The 20 year old may be familiar to people under his usual guise Medla, whilst he keeps the Kahwe moniker for deeper, more experimental productions. Kahwe/Medla operates as a member of ‘Transmission Collective’, a group of producer’s based in Leeds and Edinburgh who have teamed together to mutually support each others work.

Fans of the track will be pleased to know that Yew will be made available as part of a forthcoming EP for ‘West In Dust’ scheduled for release in the next few months.

  • Published
  • May 09, 2012
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