SwanKam Moda


Member of the Southampton dance music diaspora SO15 and friend of the blog, Joe Sanchez has been plugging out tunes for a while now. Now producing under the name Kam Moda, Joe’s tunes have shifted well and truly towards the techno end of the spectrum. This is a good thing.

‘Swan’ has some seriously subtle progression going for it. An intro that lulls you into a warm bed of spacey dub-techno quickly gives way to a tight, propulsive flex. Kam Moda’s unconventionally produced hits keep the track danceable until it recedes back into the roomy atmosphere of the intro. All in all ‘Swan’ is a creative track, It doesn’t cut corners or whore itself out to the gun fingers. Instead it keeps its dance-floor credentials while making headway through a variety of unexpected sounds. 

Catching the ear of an unnamed record label and several YouTube rippers along the way, Sanchez’s reinvention as Kam Moda has proved fruitful. Keep your ears open for his future endeavours. 

You can also catch Joe and the rest of the SO15 crew at their regular room 2 takeover of Southampton’s NoLogo night.

  • Published
  • Jun 05, 2012
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