Originally the project of Samir Alikhanizedeh alone, the young beatsmith has recently adopted two more members to his project ‘Zadeh’ - Jacob Millson & Al Gill. This new move brings live musicianships to the table, giving the project a new band orientated outlook. The newly formed trio have recently uploaded two takes of a phenomenally deep new untitled production, although it is the live version that stands out for me, displaying as much talent in live musicianship as it does mastery of electronics.

Taking as much time necessary for the introduction, the track opens with heavily reverberated atmospheric guitar strums, which are tamed at just over a minute in by side-chaining kick drums creating a melancholic swell throughout the whole track. Heavy side-chain is also applied to strung out vocal outcries, which weaves a sense of desperation into the soothing textures of the track. The obvious reference point for this track would be Mount Kimbie, although despite the similarities the group have tapped into something more representative of themselves and managed to carve out there own sound albeit using a similar setup.

Making the shift from purely laptop based music to incorporate organic live recordings is a mature move for the project, and is likely to set Zadeh apart from many of their contemporaries. Consider us well and truly intrigued by the project and awaiting new productions with eager.

  • Published
  • Jun 16, 2012
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