Tell [Riffs Remix]Bombé

Tell [Riffs Remix]

Tucked away in the French Alps lives non-profit record label Full Fridge. Don’t be fooled by their rural dwellings however, as they’ve been releasing some of the most hard hitting dance floor experiments around for some time now. The latest release comes courtesy of Bombé, a long time Full Fridge affiliate with a passion for blending eery grime tinged soundscapes with earth shaking percussion. Entitled ‘Spells’ the EP will be the seventh release on the label, featuring two original productions from Bombé.

Alongside the two original’s the EP also features this wonderful remix courtesy of Bristol based producer, Riffs. Deviating from his usual footwork influenced excursions, the Tell remix consists of decidedly more regular House style beats, boiling the track down to its bare essentials. Riff’s glitched out, shuffling percussion is expertly tied to a bull terrier bassline bathed in a generous dose of overdrive. Barely discernible vocal washes glide in and out of the mix, atmospherics being awarded just as much attention as dancefloor appeal.

Pick up Bombé’s two originals on the 17th and Riff’s remix on the 24th of this month over at Full Fridge HQ.

  • Published
  • Jul 15, 2012
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