Sean Hughes aka Rumah is long overdue for a Stray Landings track review. This is partly due to the fact that by the time we’ve heard one great track, he’s already churned out another. Doubtless his movement through better and more nuanced stylings will continue, but for the meantime, Dalton has left us thoroughly impressed.

Whilst remaining in the same locus of techno musings that Rumah has been working with as of late, Dalton sees him delve deeper into distorted, industrial influences, akin to that of Regis or Perc. I have come to expect at least some degree of 303 bass work in Rumah’s productions, however this element is replaced by a punchy retro style synth melody in Dalton, filtering in and out through the latter half of the track. This infectious electro riff gives Dalton a strong Detroit influenced sound, allowing it to act as a potential bridge track between different dancefloor stylings.

The last few months have proved to be a somewhat crucial period for the London based producer and DJ. July saw the release of his first 12” record as the debut offering from newly founded Nineteen89 Records. Following this Rumah has been generating a steady stream of respectable publicity from the likes of Hyponik, Drowned In Sounds & DJ Mag. No doubt the next few months will prove equally as fruitful, with his track Stutter scheduled for a 12” release as part of a new EP. As well as this those of you jetting out to Croatia for Dimensions festival you will be able to catch a DJ set from the up and coming producer.

  • Published
  • Aug 15, 2012