Whilst Nick Sigsworth aka Klaus’ sound palate is to some extent comparable to that of his contemporaries such as James Blake, Mount Kimbie or Airhead, the South-London based producer has managed to remain decidedly unique. Mastering a fine balance between minimalism and textural depth, Sigsworth has as much in common with Tim Hecker or Fennesz as he does with the aforementioned producers. This tightrope balance between sample rich ambience and contemporary rhythms born out of the dubstep fallout, has had Sigsworth receiving support from his peers for some time now. This is somewhat surprising given his discography consisted (until now) of just one solo release and a handful of remixes.

After a rather lengthy break since his last release, 2011’s Tusk EP, Sigsworth is back with a self-released 12” featuring two new productions, Neph and Phi. Whilst both tracks retain the same claustrophobic atmospheres of the R&S released EP, they add an even deeper sense of isolation. Nostalgia drenched samples cagily hint at Sigworth’s influences and musical background, Neph building to a melancholic saxophone led finale, bringing to mind the array of jazz and soul showcased in Sigsworth’s 2011 boilerroom mix. 

Phi on the other hand takes its cues from somewhere else entirely. Opening with a muffled ghostly choir, accompanied by a healthy lacing of vinyl static. Sigsworth then drastically offsets these choral wailings, introducing characteristically skeletal percussion, easing out resonances in the hits. 

Production’s from the Klaus moniker may be few and far between, however originality like this is certainly worth the wait.

  • Published
  • Oct 17, 2012