Reflections On The VoidHGLDT

Reflections On The Void

Henry Goury-Laffont, aka HGLDT may not be a name overtly familiar to most, although the producer’s history in fact stretches further back than a cursory glance might reveal. The Montreal based producer has shared vinyl space with both Damu and Resketch, and is the founder of the Swing & Skip label. After a notable break, HGLDT has focused his attentions back to the production side of things, providing the eighth release of the Fullfridge series.

The overarching appeal of the release lies in its strongly organic feel, Goury-Laffont eschews stock samples in favour of much more texturally rich sounds. The incessant percussion featured in opener FightFlight could well have been recorded with a live drummer, notably the hammering, tribal toms that are introduced roughly halfway through the track. The same could be said of the wide panned overhead percussion, snapping woodblocks and ringing rides cautiously drive the track forward. 

Both offerings take differing approaches, FightFlight would sound right at home in a big room setting, whilst Lights has a much more intimate and reflective vibe, droning synthesiser tones slowly build and reduce over vaguely Pangaea reminiscent percussion.

The concluding track comes in the form of a remix of the initial track, from New York based trio Archie Pelago. The Pelago remix layers FightFlight in dissonance, taking it off the dancefloor, and into the psychedelic. There is something of Philip Glass in the repeating harmonies the group use, their acoustic interpretation of the track  complementing Goury-Laffont’s organic production.

Grab a copy of the complete release over at Fullfridge HQ.

  • Published
  • Nov 21, 2012
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