History SurvivorsLucy & Silent Servant

History Survivors


Label: Mote-Evolver

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 04/03/13

Recent output from Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver imprint has been nothing short of spectacular; notable highlights including Psyk’s ‘Distane EP’ and Avian label head Shifted’s, ‘Razors EP’. The latest offering from the highly esteemed label comes in the form of a collaborative 12” from Sandwell District affiliate, Silent Servant, and Stroboscopic Artefacts founder Luca Mortellaro, aka Lucy. Pairing the two producers together is an interesting concept in itself, and highlights the crossovers shared between both, namely the production of deep and hypnotic, yet equally functional techno.

Unsurpisingly, in brief this release is just that - a mixture of engrossingly rich soundscapes and pulsating, dancefloor ready rhythms. A-side ‘Dormancy Survivors’ combines buoyant synth swells, with low tribal toms. A grating, twisted melody is introduced midway through the track, as unsettling as it is captivating. This is gently filtered and interwoven with the existing delayed stabs and thundering percussion. It is testament to the textures constructed by the pair that the track remains so mesmerising for its thirteen minute duration. 

B-side ’Victors History’ follows a similar path to the a-side, although feels significantly less optimistic. Cascading drums grapple with dense, foggy atmospheres as the track gradually intensifies over its ten minute duration. The track is interjected with pumping, industrial throbs, and echoing, subdued drones.

For the first fruits of their collaboration the History Survivors display an impressively unique and refined sound palate, and suggests the pair could work incredibly well together on a longer, album format release. Whether Lucy and Silent Servant do have plans for further joints productions is unknown, however the History Survivors EP opens the door to something that could turn out to be rather special.

  • Published
  • Mar 06, 2013
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