Corpus DelictiChris Page

Corpus Delicti


Label: Decoy Records

Format: Limited 12”
Release Date: 08/04/13

Chris Page’s latest release for Rebekah’s Decoy imprint ‘Corpus Delicti’, highlights his prowess as a DJ is far from wasted on his productions. Structurally, both the originals suggest he has a strong awareness of where his music fits, and the patience with which he develops each, makes the payoffs all the more satisfying. 

Opener, ‘Counterfeit Innovator’ is a tastefully restrained big-room jam, utilising subtle atmospherics, alongside a repetitive, gnarled synth-line. Page’s twisted hook slowly mutates as the track progresses, underpinned by a chugging rhythmic undercurrent. The tracks beatific elements are minimal yet effective, slightly off-grid hats solidified by sullen, stomping kicks. 

The original is barely recognisable through Chris Finke’s take on the track, shaking free of the original’s malignant synth-line in favour of ’90s minimal indebted stylings. Incessant drums are driven by piercing high end, quantising Page’s originally fairly free, swung hats. The original’s distorted riff is replaced with a frantic melody, helping complement Finke’s beatific variations, and heightening the tracks claustrophobic atmosphere. 

The b-side offerings take a more direct approach to ‘Counterfeit Innovator’ and its equivalent remix, and are generally more instantly gratifying. This isn’t to say that they lack in the sonic subtlety of the a-side, but the builds are less drawn-out, and the rhythms feel weightier and more defined. ‘Corpus Delicti’ deploys low pitched vocals alongside swarming hats and a modulated bass-line, swelling between Page’s pounding four to the floor kicks. 

Comparatively, Jamie Roberts’ (aka Blawan’s) interpretation of ‘Corpus Delicti’ remains truer to the original than Finke’s rework of ‘Counterfeit Innovator’, albeit by a small margin. Whilst keeping a firm grip on Page’s gristled bass, Roberts reconstructs the track’s percussive elements into a frenetic, clattering mess. Similarly to Finke’s remix, Roberts also straightens out the original’s steady groove, taking a more confrontational approach.

Corpus Delicti may only be Page’s fourth release to date, yet proves his prowess as a producer extends far beyond what this short discography may suggest.

  • Published
  • Apr 07, 2013
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