Under The Aquadrome Pt.1Tom Dicicco

Under The Aquadrome Pt.1


Label: Run Out Run

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 01/06/13

Northampton based Tom Dicicco is a producer who clearly puts a lot of thought into each release. It has been little surprise that he’s gained such significant support in such a short amount of time and with so few releases to his name, gathering interest from the likes of Jonas Kopp & the Project Squared imprint.

Dicicco’s latest 12”, Under The Aquadrome Pt.1, marks the first release of his newly founded label Run Out Run. Having co-founded Inner Surface Records along with Manchester’s AnD, Dicicco is no stranger to the label game, although it will certainly be interesting to see which direction this solo-fronted imprint will take. As the first footing for the new label however, Under The Aquadrome Pt.1 provides a more than promising start, focusing Dicicco’s excellent production skills on four warehouse ready cuts. 

Opener ‘Return To Dust’ is certainly the most kinetic of the EP’s offerings, and is grounded purely in clamourous rhythms. Gritty and uncompromising, grating high end chugs over thundering kicks and filtered atmospherics. 

The weighty, close-knit feel to ‘Return To Dust’ is a trait common to many of Dicicco’s productions, however not one shared by the EP’s comparatively sparse second track ‘Mist Of 1807’. Hypnotic, pointed melodies twist over ticking hats and a regular 4/4 kick pattern making a perfect offering to the early hours. 

‘Werk’ sees a return to more defined textures however, and is a notable highlight on the EP. Blending chugging rhythms alongside an ominous, rugged bassline, ‘Werk’ maintains a level of tasteful restraint, without losing any power on the dancefloor.

A little reprieve is offered in the form of the soothing ambience of closer, ‘Plate Subduction’. A light fog of grainy ambience keeps a strady level throughout, with Oneohtrix Point Never style sullen synth given focus.

  • Published
  • Jun 05, 2013
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