Label: Decoy Records

Format: Limited 12”
Release Date: 08/06/13

Berlin via Birmingham label Decoy Records seem to have developed something of a knack for hunting down lesser known, yet incredibly talented artists, and bringing their sounds to a wider audience. I guess this is to be expected from an imprint fronted by CLR affiliate and general Techno veteran Rebekah, but it is still great to hear new labels pop up and deliver more than their fair share to such a big scene. The latest of these golden finds, comes in the form of Brazilian born ‘Urbano’, providing the label with four tracks of vintage warehouse mayhem.

The so titled 2XR909 EP is unflinchingly fierce throughout, tied together with off-kilt industrial percussion, and twisted metallic timbres. Second track ‘Cyprus’ makes a good example of this, as does the chaotic closer, ‘Transition’. Both tracks feature an array of crooked melodies and clamorous percussion, and feel constantly on the verge of derailing themselves.

Title track ‘2XR909’ itself feels perhaps slightly hectic when compared with these two, but certainly looses nothing in directness and weight on the dance floor. 90s style, distorted kicks thud between clattering snares and a broken riff.

‘Tight’ on the other hand is a completely different affair, and is something of a slow burner. Whilst with many releases the standout track is often the most intense, in the case of 2XR909, it is ‘Tight’s hypnotic, rolling grooves that gain it kudos. Billowing atmospheres and chugging hats run throughout, with leaden percussion punctuating the offbeats.

As only the third outing for Decoy ‘2XR909’ maintains the labels exceptionally high standard, and leaves us as ever, excited and intrigued as to where the label will venture next. Urbano’s enthusiasm for jaunty, 90s indebted Rave-Techno is communicated loud and clear through this record, and is nothing short of contagious.

  • Published
  • Jun 07, 2013