Figure. 46Roman Poncet

Figure. 46

To call this EP an impressive debut would be a tremendous understatement. Indeed, to bring it out on Len Faki’s label ‘Figure’ in the first place is quite a feat in itself – a label that has been host to some of biggest names in recent years, including Markus Suckut, Ed Davenport and Tony Lionni. However, Poncet is not at all overshadowed by these names. To the contrary, this EP fits in very comfortably amid the others, and establishes Poncet amongst the people to watch out for in the coming months, despite this EP being criminally slept on this year.

Opener ‘Cerate’ is as hard and minimal as they come, laying some haunting, alarm-bell stabs over a rock-solid wall of bass. The call-and-answer dynamic is deployed with bold force, yet with exquisite simplicity - like the feeling of staring into the depths of an erratic strobe light. That’s all it does, but then, that’s all it needs to. There are definite nods to the likes of the aforementioned Markus Suckut, but of course Shed and Truncate’s brilliant ‘Dial’ also spring to mind.  

‘SSSN02’ keeps the monolithic weight moving, as enormous, jarring stomps are danced around and modulated, but not so much as to lose their strength. It’s also worth mentioning just how huge the kicks are on this EP – if you’re listening at home, it’s well worth cranking the volume just to feel how much power there is behind them. It’s a shame I’m still yet to hear any of it played out.

‘Route of Pain’ closes the EP, with a refreshing, house-oriented outlook. Here, the EP takes a turn towards a more melodic refrain – the stabs are almost Jazz-like in their placement, floating above the mix fluidly, as if improvised on the recording. Despite this, the track still manages to pack a serious punch as those kicks once again permeate the sound, making this track a perfect Tech-House tool.

  • Published
  • Jun 09, 2013
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