Winter's VoiceLost Few

Winter's Voice


Label: 3BS Records

Format: Limited 7”
Release Date: 14/06/13

It’s hard to know quite what it is that ties Sydney based imprint 3BS Records together given their diverse range of releases, from battered Post-Techno and politically inclined 80s style Industrial, to field recordings and extended ambient excursions. Label owner Mannheim Rocket has described the labels output as “a series of experiments, all of the released tracks are akin to snapshots - encapsulating current ideas and influences.” Whatever it is, it certainly works, and their most recent release from visual artist and sound designer Lost Few also sees the inaugural vinyl release for 3BS.

The 7” single ties together many of the differing musical approaches the imprint has explored before, opening with the sullen industrial stomp of ‘Winter’s Voice’. Those familiar with the Alva Noto’s collaborative work with Ryuichi Sakamoto will probably be able to draw some parallels here. Assorted classical timbres ebb and flow between layers of gristled static and Neubauten reminiscent, downtempo percussion. 

B-side ‘Through The Eyes’ begins with a melancholic web of ambience, as crackling musique concréte style samples are punctuated by timid prepared piano sounds. The low-end is occupied by a dull marching kick drum, patiently driving the track forward. The absence of mid-range frequencies leaves the track feeling sparse and hollow, to wonderful atmospheric effect.

Following on from its handful of digital and cassette releases, it’s incredibly gratifying to see 3BS stepping up to the vinyl format, and equally rewarding to hear Lost Few’s haunting, ethereal contributions on top form.

  • Published
  • Jun 13, 2013
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