Label: He/aT

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 09/05/13

Chances are most people will be familiar with the British artist behind the recently established anonymous project, He/aT. Derived in an effort to see if the productions could stand on their own two feet, the Midlands based label/artist project’s inaugural release consists of four powerfully rugged industrial workouts.

Opening with the lurching stomp of ‘A Death In The Family’, the track sets a menacing tone for the EP, swaying between gnarled snares and clamourous hi-hats, constantly under the guidance of an infectious, driving bassline. The track also makes clear the He/aT project’s penchant for factory-style atmospherics, and wouldn’t sound out of place in a mix by Regis or Function.

The same frayed textures are just as present through ‘The Creeping’, although as the title might suggest the track takes a more cloak and dagger approach than the opener. Low-slung rhythms work into a steady march, with a bassy, metallic riff pulsing along underneath.

‘A Gentleman’s Agreement’ sees a return to a more affront brand of Techno however, and is also a notable highlight on the EP. An array of frenetic hi-hats and other assorted percussive elements are given central focus, as rumbling bass drones throb underneath.

‘River Styx & The Goat Of Mendes’ is undoubtedly the most experimental of the four offerings. Relentless atmospheres reminiscent of those in Rrose’s ‘Secretion’, grate between ticking percussion and soporific melodies, leaving the listener with a level of intrigue that can only spell good things for the future of the He/aT project.

  • Published
  • Jun 15, 2013
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