Label: Torque

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 17/06/13

The art of bringing Techno to the album format has always been a difficult and confusing one. Creating a cohesive narrative whilst still remaining floor friendly is a tall order, and sees many artists resorting to cynically contrived ambient excursions to forcefully inject dynamics into full length releases which would be better condensed to several EP releases. Contrasting with this, the success of Q’Hey’s latest album Core, comes from the fact that it is unashamedly brimming with full-throttle, warehouse bangers.

Whilst there are some downtempo moments such as haunting opener ‘Accord’ and the cavernous ‘Montreux’, structurally the album feels more like a mix than an album, and to my mind, this seems like a remarkably intelligent way to approach the album challenge. 

Stylistic parallels can be found with Richie Hawtin’s Minus Imprint in tracks such as ‘Call The Crap’, ‘Wasted Land’ or ‘Give Me’, through their rollicking basslines, despite the underlying grit obviously lacking in the comparatively sterile offerings of producers such as Matador or Gaiser.

Rave throwbacks ‘North Wind’ and ‘Buddyroid’ posses equal amounts of the aforementioned ruggedness; slow euphoric builds awash with white noise and pulsating, distorted rhythms. 

‘Enter’ is a notable highlight, and the sort of thing you wouldn’t be surprised to see DVS1 spinning at 5am. As the second to last this certainly fits in the idea of Core being treated similarly to a mix; delayed chimes reminiscent of those in Psyk’s ‘Arcade’ ride throbbing  kicks and invasive, vapourous atmospheres.

Whilst crafted with impeccably high production standards, there is a something playful in Core’s nature, perhaps stemming from the fact that this is an album built for parties, and Q’Hey rightfully makes no concessions for this.

  • Published
  • Jun 18, 2013
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