Grey Report 02Developer & Adriana Lopez

Grey Report 02


Label: The Grey Report

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 01/07/13

Adriana Lopez’s ‘Grey Report’ project was established at the tail-end of last year, with a 12” release featuring two tracks from herself, backed by two belting remixes from Stockholm LTD affiliate, Jeroen Search. The second in the series follows a fairly similar format, consisting of two tracks from Lopez, and two from Modularz chieftan, Developer.

Opening with the sinister drive of ‘Let It Be Said’, Developer grounds the EP with cement-like foundations, that hold no reservations for beefy and bold dynamics. Similarly, ‘Madre’ keeps the production crunchy and dense, but this time with a somewhat airy and melodic progression atop the mix.

However, it is Lopez’s offerings that really stand out on this release, blending dark, mechanical sounds with factory atmospherics, and driving early-hour Techno. Particularly, ‘Lines of Fracture’ opens with an ominous distorted chug, reminiscent of the Radio Slave remix of Len Faki’s classic ‘My Black Sheep’. The way the kick interacts with the high-end percussion is especially interesting, with a phased motif that never seems to come to an end, producing a wonderfully intoxicating rhythm. There are also some delightfully uncomfortable noises surrounding the mix, that feel sticky and detached - like trying to run with chewing gum stuck to your shoes.

‘Sequel’, on the other hand, brings to mind Psyk’s darker productions, albeit with an added measure of grit. Clamorous chimes poke out at every available opportunity between assorted hats and warbling, disquieting atmospheres. Again, the quality of the sound has a somewhat restless and unsettled feel about it. This has been achieved somewhat through the subtly placed backdrop of dissonant chords, but also through Lopez’s characteristic scratchy high-end textures that make this EP a stand-out.

  • Published
  • Jul 07, 2013
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