Uranus 222Kris Wadsworth

Uranus 222


Label: Uranus

Format: Limited 180gm 12”
Release Date: 10/06/13

I can’t imagine Berlin residing Kris Wadsworth could have hoped for a better response to the inaugural release of his recently established Uranus imprint, ‘111’, which sold out in a matter of weeks. Only a couple of months later and we’ve been graced with the imprints second offering, ‘222’ - consisting of two swampy, oddball, slow House jams. There’s never been any denying the fact that Wadsworth is one of the few producers in the House and Techno game with a truly unique sound, however i’d argue this opinion is especially evident through both the releases on the vinyl-only imprint.

This said, 222 is no carbon copy of the first release, moving into deeper and darker territories, whilst maintaining the same lumbering yet futuristic vibe of 111. The a-side deploys stumbling kicks and sullen, but powerful lo-fi chords to wonderful atmospheric effect, sauntering between dub-tinged breaks and crunchy, downtempo house-rhythms.

The b-side on the other hand is significantly more upbeat, despite operating around roughly the same tempo. A rambling bassline leads the track, joined by bouncy off-kilter rhythms and crisp hi-hat work. Jaunty samples constantly verge on displacing the tracks stuttering rhythms, pulling against driving kick drums. 

With the calibre this high, I can’t imagine 222 hanging around much longer than its predecessor - although i’ll probably save myself the embarrassment of asking for a record called Uranus over the counter and order online this time…

Previews can be heard via Decks here

  • Published
  • Jul 13, 2013