The Remixes Pt.2Violetshaped

The Remixes Pt.2


Label: Violet Poison
Format: 12”
Release Date: 29/08/13

Appearing in March, Violetshaped’s industrial indebted, vinyl-only debut LP made quite an impact, gaining support for its excellent use of sinister, mechanical sound design.

Eight months prior to this we were teased with a selection of remixes from the then forthcoming album, from Vatican Shadow, Kangding Ray and Vex’d member Roly Porter. With the self-titled album having been in the public domain for several months now, the enigmatic duo have seen fit to offer up the second collection of remixes from the album - this time from Kieth Fullerton Whitman, JK Flesh & Raster-Noton’s Grischa Lichtenberger.

Kieth Fullerton Whitman exposes murky depths within ‘Anaesthesia’, as sporadic analogue bleeps erratically jumping out of aqueous drones and filtered noise. Of the three, Whitman’s remix is certainly the most abstract - although this is perhaps to be expected given his previous forays into ambient and experimental music for imprints such as Kranky and Pan.

Gently migrating into more danceable territories, JK Flesh’s interpretation of ‘cX310’ opens with gristled drones and understated tribal drums. Almost four minutes in Flesh’s remix takes an unexpected turn however - working in jungle inspired drum breaks turning what felt like a downcast, Demdike Stare style excursion into something that wouldn’t sound out of place tucked away in Unkle’s back catalogue. 

You can be sure you have a collection of interesting remixes when arguably the most straight forward comes from an artist affiliated with Raster-Noton. Lichtenberger’s glitchy, biting version of ‘Spectral Nightdrive’, makes use of typically Raster-Noton style dehumanised electronics - as sharp blasts of bass pound between unnerving musique concréte style ambience.

  • Published
  • Aug 30, 2013