003Echoes From The Abyss



Label: Echoes From The Abyss
Format: Digital
Release Date: 06/08/13

Dublin based imprint Echoes From The Abyss seem to have a knack for finding artists whose talents lie beyond their acclaim - scrolling down their Soundcloud page few of the names are recognisable, yet the quality of their releases are definitely notable.

The third release in the series can definitely be considered as a strengthening of this brand, not least for the fact that it features Stray Landings favourite, Preston based Stephen Pelling, otherwise known as MagneticNW.

From the opening minutes of the dark, groove-laden ‘Landfall’, one might hazard a guess that the track would work itself into a fairly regular percussive workout. However under the guidance of Pelling’s menacing sci-fi chords, the track is pushed in a more brooding, introspective direction, despite the fact that ticking hats and off-kilter percussion retain the propulsive appeal of its opening section. 

Reportedly a tribute to Modeo’s love of Japanese culture, ‘Three Hundred Seconds Over Tokyo’ brings to mind early-hours rushes of euphoria, contrasting blissful, soporific melodic work with a frantic breakbeat rhythms, bathed in distortion. 

Mael’s ‘Bite’ is a strong contender for the most direct approach taken on the EP, mixing a weighty four to the floor stomp with a 90s indebted, twisted acid synth-line. Whilst the formula may be simple, the way in which Mael structures the track is really quite impressive, crafting tasteful buildups and breakdowns from its various elements over a near nine minute duration.

Overall, Echoes From The Abyss 003 presents an impressive collage showing how creative and diverse techno can be, whilst remaining within a coherent and cohesive framework.

  • Published
  • Sep 03, 2013