DanicaJake Conlon



Label: Decoy Records

Format: Limited 12”
Release Date: 15/08/13

Jake Conlon, the latest recruit to Rebekah’s ever consistent Decoy Records, seems to be doing a good job of maintaining the label’s knack for picking up on, and showcasing previously unrecognised talent. Conlon’s ‘Danica’ EP spans five tracks of thundering, 90s-indebted Birmingham Techno, including a reflective reworking of the title track from Inigo Kennedy.

The influence of producer’s such as Regis & Surgeon are especially palpable throughout opening track ‘Danica’, crossed with a crunching Tresor-like darkness. Its thick, vapourous textures and tightly locked groove make it hard to divert your attention even momentarily, as echoing percussion and breathy atmospheres intertwine above the obligatory thudding bass.

Inigo Kennedy’s rework follows this, hitting hard right from the offset. Slowly building in more and more layers of percussion, the mid-point sees the introduction of blissful, reverent chords, providing a different slant on ‘Danica’ to the rather bleak soundscapes presented in the original.

As one of the lighter of Conlon’s original productions on the EP, ‘My Favourite Colour Is Bricks’ is well placed to follow the Inigo Kennedy’s mix of ‘Danica’. A propulsive, yet rather straight forward House rhythm kicks on the track, before techy stabs work their way in providing a rather hypnotic tension builder leading into the deranged madness of closing tracks ‘Jabbermouth’ & ‘Groke 13’. 

Both highlight the Birmingham based producers talents when it comes to working with acid-tinged analogue synth-play, closing the EP with bags of energy. Whilst ‘Jabbermouth’ keeps the listener on edge with pointed drums and off-kilter shuffles, the rhythms within ‘Groke 13’ roll with surprising ease, latching onto the track’s twisting acid-riff and never letting go.

  • Published
  • Sep 23, 2013
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