TRCReggy Van Oers



Label: Affin LTD

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 16/09/2013

Fronted by Joachim Spieth and established in the late noughties, Affin Records should be considered as one of the more fruitful of dance music labels, tallying up over a hundred releases in just four years. Whilst perhaps not quite as frantically prolific, the 2012 founded vinyl outlet for the project, Affin LTD, has itself racked up twelve releases in just over a year, continuing to cement the imprint’s values as proprietors of quality House and Techno. 

The most recent in the series comes from a producer who has had notable previous relations with the label - Reggy Van Oers. Brooding, mechanical soundscapes dominate the release, yet despite the dark, foreboding textures, ‘TRC’ is packed with groove and rhythmic appeal.

‘TRC01’ opens proceedings with a familiarly rugged stomp, quickly introducing swelling drones, contrasted with frosty, hissing percussion. Oers use of hi-end percussion through the track is especially captivating, interrupting a rather conventional groove around the mid point with off-kilter triplet shakes.

Clearing away some of the fog of the EP’s opening gambit, ’TRC02’ takes a more direct approach- throbbing chords and punchy kicks instead taking central focus. It’s easy to become lost in the track’s mesmeric sway, subtle structural developments across it’s seven minutes being enough to retain the listeners interest without breaking its spell.

Developer continues in this vein through his remix, whilst simultaneously sharpening the angles of Oers’ dubby, hypnotic chords - injecting a more acute pulse to the track’s natural rhythm. 

Following his subtle, analogue inflected ‘Used’ EP for Affin in mid-2012, its nice to see Chris Page return to the label on remix duties, the London based producer having cemented himself more firmly in the Techno community with the thundering ‘Corpus Delicti’ EP released via Decoy Records earlier this year. Page’s interpretation of ‘TRC01’ is not to be taken lightly, converting the atmospheric original into a propulsively fierce militant stomper.

  • Published
  • Oct 03, 2013
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