Eyes Are BlindDJ Red

Eyes Are Blind

Eyes Are Blind

Label: BPitch Control
Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 29/11/2013

Having spent the last ten years as a resident of Rome’s Goa Club, it’s perhaps little surprise that Simona Calvani aka DJ Red has an ear for the more experimental side of dance music. Her latest record ‘Eyes Are Blind’ is evidence to this, the BPitch Control released EP traversing three hypnotic cuts of dub-infused warehouse Techno.

Given the tripped out, minimal inspired trappings of her ‘Silk & Metal’ EPs, or 2009’s ‘The Fresh Flash’, it’s clear that Calvani has made quite a notable sonic journey in a relatively short period of time. Whilst the hallmarks of Dub-Techno, and a penchant for leftfield atmospherics are still present, ‘Eyes Are Blind’ inhabits a deeper space more suited to mesmerising swaying crowds in the early hours.

Not that I’ve tried it yet, but opener and title track ‘Eyes Are Blind’ feels like it might be less straight forward to mix than it first appears. Just as you begin to adjust to the awkward rolling toms which open the track, it’s groove is unsettled by a thudding kick pattern creating dizzying polyrhythms. As it progresses a pointed synth riff fades into the mix, joined by indiscernible low pitched vocal samples.

Proceeding with the same slow-burning intent yet moving into darker territories, ‘Look Deep’ is something of a highlight. An effortlessly infectious drum pattern is capitalised on by subtle atmospherics and rugged sound-design calling to mind Psyk’s 2010 released track, ‘Crypt’. The fact these percussive elements are left dry makes the impact all the more powerful as menacing synthesisers drop out suddenly through the track’s various rising builds.

Concluding the EP, ‘Awake’ is the most melodically rooted, and also perhaps the most optimistic offering of the release. A slightly detuned staccato melody runs its duration, as vapourous percussion and warm, ethereal chords creep into the mix simultaneously.

Whilst ‘Eyes Are Blind’ may be the first release from Calvani in a few years, given the maturing of her sound it signifies, the Italian born-artist has progressed further than many artists do in the same time-period, generating much due anticipation as to her next move.

  • Published
  • Nov 07, 2013