Label: Stroboscopic Artefacts
Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 11/11/13

Having released just a handful of EPs prior, _You Are Eternity, _the debut full-length offering from Dadub, managed to show how seamlessly an extended narrative could be constructed from their dark, tribalistic sound palette. Here the duo apply their talents at crafting immersive soundscapes to three individual tracks, with the help of fellow Italians, and Daniele De Santis, otherwise known as Grün.

As with Dadub’s prior releases, the influence of Dub-Techno is clear throughout the release, yet each track comes with a ferocity and directness arguably rarely present in the genre. 

The pairs talent at creating texturally rich sound-design has always been a hallmark of their productions, this feature remaining equally prominent through opening track ‘Mistresses March’. A frenzy of tumbling, lo-fi drums pound through the opening layers of distant atmospheres and grainy radio-static, slowly working into a frenzy of rumbling distortion.

Abrasive high-end textures persist through ‘Kykeon’, a collaboration utilising this incredible modular-system designed by another Italian duo, Mysterious, synthesised ambience opens the track, before these rather auspicious textures manoeuvre into darker territories as the track progresses, revealing a cavernous low-end swelling beneath the rolling drums and harshly filtered noise.

The hissing, tension fraught, ‘Ergot Kernel’ sees Dadub in collaboration once again, this time joining forces with Berlin based Daniele De Santis, otherwise known as Grün. The track finishes the EP at full-throttle, droning, discordant tones become barely audible beneath the track’s invasive, pummelling rhythms.

  • Published
  • Nov 14, 2013
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